Testicuzzi Jet Black Edition - testicuzzi
Testicuzzi Jet Black Edition - testicuzzi

Testicuzzi Jet Black Edition

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Due to the large number of Testicuzzi's we have sold, for anything ordered after november 29th, our expected shipping date will be moved to December 18th. In order to ensure your product is delivered prior to Christmas all orders must be placed by no later than November 29th

Featured in beautiful Gloss Black.

The Testicuzzi is the perfect gift for the man that genuinely cares about his testicles hap-penis. 

One dunk of the boys into this fine testicle hot tub is sure to tickle your fancy and sooth your manliness.

The Testicuzzi features an ultra-soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on, a deep reservoir to dunk the tea bag into, battery-powered bubbles and hours of pleasure.

Be sure to Pre-Order your testicle hot tub today.
We'll keep you posted on manufacturing progress and delivery dates.

* This is not a gag gift, it is an actual product, but if you want to buy it for a friend we'll let you call it a gag gift for men.

Holiday / Christmas Gift Ideas

Still trying to find that perfect gag gift for your man? You have come to the right place. The Testicuzzi is the perfect gag gift for men this Christmas. 

Got a white elephant gift party coming up soon. Imagine the smiles on the faces of everyone in the room as they open up your selected Testicuzzi and realize, It's a real product. Oh, the hours of enjoyment. Who knew that bathing your testicles could be so much fun? We did!

Want to add a little sparkle to your love life. Try placing a pinch of glitter into your Testicuzzi this holiday season, dip your Christmas balls and show your lover what the holidays are all about. Maybe even put some battery-powered LED lights on your tree. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Perhaps you think they deserve a real gift, but you still want to make them laugh. You guessed it. The Testicuzzi is still the perfect gift. A legitimate product with all the flare and pomp of a gag gift for men, but actually functions and provides hours of pleasurable enjoyment.

So look no further, you've come to the right place to fulfill the magical Christmas fantasies of your man. Whether it's a gag gift for men, a funny white elephant gift with a purpose, something to spice up the bedroom or just a way to keep your sexual life fresh. The Testicuzzi is the perfect gift for your man this Christmas.