Examining Your Nuts

Examining Your Nuts

Testicle Self Examination

Generally, the TSE procedure includes:

  • Make sure your scrotum is warm and relaxed. You may like to perform TSE after showering or bathing. Or after a trip to the Testicuzzi.
  • It may help to do TSE in front of the mirror, so you can see as well as feel what you’re doing.
  • Check one testicle first, then the other.
  • Gently roll one testicle using the fingers and thumbs of both hands.
  • Feel along the underside of the scrotum to find the epididymis that sits at the back of the testicle. It should feel like a little bunch of tightly curled tubes.
  • Perform TSE on the other testicle.

TSE shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. If one or both testes have become tender or painful, see your doctor. 

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