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Morning Wood Inflatable Paddle Board

Morning Wood Inflatable Paddle Board

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Note: this is a pre-order and product is expected to begin shipping December 2023 through January 2024.

Introducing the all new Morning Wood paddle board. Estimated shipping January of 2024. This beautiful masterpiece will get you where you want to go when traversing the beautiful waters this earth has to offer. This design allows for additional stability and balance for a more beginner paddle boarder. The elegantly shaped fin allows for more fun and presence and says Im here to play.  The ball shaped handles allow for a better and more efficient grip and better movement as you pull through the water. Dip your morning wood into a soaking wet lake for the greatest pleasure a paddle boarder can experience. 



Included with your purchase a vinyl inflate-able paddle board with special shaped fin.

Ball shaped handle paddle

Blow Jobber Air Pump with lip shaped board connector. 



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